AIADMK Walkout Help BJP To Pass GST Bill In Rajya Sabha

Chennai: AIADMK’s MPs walkout Rajya Sabha over the GST Bill in reality it only helped the government of Narendra Modi.

The walkout by AIADMK MPs in Rajya Sabha was in line with their consistent stand on GST. They have opposed GST based on certain points. Finally, they walked out Rajya Sabha since the government did not accept their amendments in GST Bill.


A political Analyst said that there was no way they could have voted for the bill and there was no need for them to show aggression by voting against the Bill.

The insiders of BJP were hoping that AIADMK would walkout rather than oppose the GST Bill. According to the sources in BJP said that the party  leaders were taken aback when AIADMK insisted on moving amendments to GST Bill.

The AIADMK party had expressed its stand at a number of forums for the past two years and stuck to its position till the end that the Bill violated States’ fiscal autonomy.

M.R. Venkatesh who is an economist feels that the MPs ofAIADMK walkout from the Rajya Sabha is compounded more by its ignorance about the benefits of GST rather than helping Modi Governement or BJP.

He said that the state would gain on the services side since it would get a share in the service tax though it would lose on VAT file.

‘Mafoi’ K. Pandiarajan who is spokesman of AIADMK said that there was no necessity for the party to bail out the BJP.

He said that we have expressed our opposition and we have been consistently opposed the GST Bill. If Congress party supported the Bill, it is because they are under pressure from corporate, but the AIADMK party is not.

H. Raja who is the BJP leader said that the AIADMK party did not help us in anyway and they took a neutral stand.