Air India will change the menu for the first time in last Decade

New Delhi: You might not believe but Air India’s flights menu from Delhi to London was remains unchanged since last 10 years but now it will change soon and if you are thinking that this is due to a strong demand from frequent flyers for the same old dishes, you will be prove wrong.

This is going to be happen because every small or big decision need to approve by someone sitting in Delhi, said a senior official, who didn’t wish to be named according to the sources.

Air India will change the menu for the first time in last Decade

Air india’s new Chairman and MD Mr. Ashwani Lohani was shocked to know when he came to know the issue during the recent visit of AL’s European stations. Lohani, on the spot ordered the change in rules allowing the local officers to take call on such issues like in-flight food.

“I have delegated the power to regional offices to take decisions on such issues. They will have the power to decide on the menu,” Lohani said.

“In airline and hospitality business, you can’t let such issues drag on for years. The decision has to be quick and in line with the changing times. We have seen a new domestic start-up airline in India change its menu multiple times in the last one year after observing passenger demands,” said another official.

“London is one of the most important routes for us and was one of the first destinations where we started operating the Dreamliner,” the official said.

Changes are still to be made but for your convenience we brought the list of old menus:


Asian Veg Meal:         AVML- Contains vegetables, fresh fruits and dairy products. Does not contain any meat, fish or eggs. Mildly spicy to spicy. Prepared according to subcontinent taste (mildly spicy to spicy).

Hindu Meal (Non-veg): HNML- Contains meat (lamb or chicken), fish, eggs and dairy products. Does not contain any beef/pork or its products. Mildly spicy to spicy. Incorporates flavors of Indian sub continent.

Kosher Meal

Requires 72 hours prior notice: KSML- Prepared to comply with Jewish dietary requirements. Certified in the kosher kitchen.

Jain Meal: JNML- This meal is for members of Jain Community. Does NOT contain animal products & by-products and root vegetables like potatoes, carrot, onion, garlic etc.

Vegetarian Meal: VGML- Contains all types of fruits and vegetables. Does not contain any meat, fish or eggs.

Moslem Meal: MOML-         All non-vegetarian meals are suitable for Muslims and are prepared in accordance with Halal method. May contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, fruits & dairy products. It does NOT contain pork or non-halal prepared meats.

Medical & Dietary Meals


Bland Meal (Veg / Non-Veg): BLML- Contains mostly soft food that is easily digestible like mashed potatoes, spinach, soft boiled eggs, boiled meats, toast and dairy products. Does not contain spices, onion or garlic and food that are baked, fried or spicy.

Diabetic Meal (Veg / Non-Veg): DBML- Contains minimum salt, low fat products, high fiber fruits and vegetables. This meal is for passengers suffering from Diabetes.

Fruit Platter: FPML- Contains seasonal fruits. Suitable for passengers who are fasting or have dietary needs.

Gluten Free Meal (Veg / Non-Veg): GFML- Passengers who are intolerant to gluten (a protein found in wheat, barley, oats or rye). This meal contains one or more of ingredients like meat, poultry, fish, rice, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Contains salt and pepper,herbs and spices, sugars and preserves, margarine and vegetable oils. Does NOT contain breads, pasta, cakes , chocolates etc

Lacto-ovo Vegetarian Meal: VLML- This meal may contain vegetables, fruits, eggs, pulses & dairy products. Does not contain any type of meat or fish.

Low-calorie Meal  (Veg / Non-Veg): LCML-Contains food with high fiber content, less fats and carbohydrates. Does not contain sugar, cream, sauces, mayonnaise, or fatty meats.

Low Fat / Low Cholesterol Meal (Veg / Non-Veg): LFML- Contains margarine, cottage cheese, egg white, boiled rice, potatoes, lean meats, fish, wholegrain bread, cereals and fruit.

Low Sodium Meal: LSML- Does not contain salt, MSG and baking soda/powder. Meal does not include salty cheese, sauces, dressings, cured & brined meats, canned fruits etc.

Non-lactose Meal  (Veg / Non-Veg): NLML- Contains salads, high fiber food,, pasta, rice, fish or meat. Does not contain milk and milk products, sauces, soft rolls, croissants or chocolate. Suitable for guests who are allergic or intolerant to milk or milk products.

Raw Vegetable Meal: RVML- Contains mainly raw vegetables and salads.

Seafood Meal: SFML- Contains all types of fish or shellfish. Does not contain meat products. Does not apply to breakfast.

Vegetarian Oriental Meal: VOML- Contains fruits and vegetables. Does not contain meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. Prepared in Chinese or Oriental style.

Vegan Meal: VVML- It contains one or more of these ingredients – all types of vegetables & fruits. Does NOT contain meat, fish, any animal products or by-products.

Meals for children and babies


Baby Meal: BBML- Proprietary brands of baby meals are available only on international flights. Parents are advised to carry baby foods familiar to and preferred by their babies. Milk or baby meals can be heated on board.

Child Meal (Veg / Non-Veg): CHML- Burgers, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, French fries, crisps, pizza or chocolate. Suitable for children between the ages of 2 to 12.

and now, get ready your taste buds for the hot new menu, the next time when you fly to London by Air India.