Airtel New Offer Plan: 10GB data, unlimited calls for Rs 597

Airtel New Offer Plan: 10GB data, unlimited calls for Rs 597: Airtel has been launching various recharge plans with massive benefits in the recent time in a bid to fend for itself contrary to its extremely competitive rivals. Recently, Airtel has announced an additional benefits for postpaid subscribers in advance of covering it to prepaid subscribers.


  • The new Airtel’s Rs 597 plan is intended for feature phone users only.
  • The new plan is offering unlimited calls, both local as well as STD.
  • Airtel is also offering 10GB free data to be used in non-4G networks.

If you have a smartphone along with an Airtel subscription then you will get huge value with these plans. On the other hand, not everybody uses a smartphone and due the increment of smart feature phones, customers are selecting for these lose out a lot on benefits. Airtel has currently fixed it for its feature phone subscribers.

Airtel has recently launched a new prepaid plan for the feature phone operators along with a multitude of offers and benefits. The plan is called ‘Mera Naya Feature Phone’ which is priced at Rs 597.

The subscribers under this plan are going to get unlimited local and STD calls for a period of 168 days. Along with the unlimited calls, subscribers are also going to be enabled to use 10GB data for the same period. On the other hand, it is to be noted that the data benefit is not going to be relevant to 4G handsets.

An additional significant point to be note with this plan is that you have to confirm that you benefit this deal within a time period of 30 days after purchasing the feature phone. Airtel is going to check the IMEI number of the device and its beginning date for allowing the benefits. If the above conditions aren’t come across, then Airtel is going to lessen the benefits.

Subscribers are going to be entitled to unlimited calls as well as messages along with 10GB data but with a time period validity of 140 days. This is going to be only valid to some states in India such as Bihar, West Bengal, Haryana, Orissa, Gujarat, UP-east, UP-west, Maharashtra (not comprising Mumbai), and Madhya Pradesh circles.

For further places, the plan will still provide 10GB data along with unlimited local and STD calls but the validity is going to be concentrated to 112 days. The Subscribers are going to carry on to get 300 SMS per month that are going to be reintroduced automatically after a period of 28 days.

With this plan, Airtel is aiming keen feature phone operators who want to use additional data also with various call benefits. This plan is openly in rivalry with a Jio’s long term plans for the JioPhone. On the other side, Jio offers a same kind of plan for Rs 594 for a time period of 168 days. On the other hand, the data benefit is higher at 84GB as an alternative of Airtel’s 10GB data. In addition, Jio offers right to use its 4G VoLTE network along with the JioPhone which also provides free voice and video calls.