Airtel’s Big Byte Offer Gives You 1000GB Extra Data Until October 31

Airtel’s Big Byte Offer Gives You 1000GB Extra Data Until October 31: Airtel’s Big Byte data bonus is all set to offer something by which there will be getting an extension due to the ISP is appeared as the strengthening its game in the wake of an impending Jio Fiber unveiled. As per the early, valid until 31st March 2018, bonus data of 1000GB can be valid for rollover up until this 31st October in this 2017.

Airtel's Big Byte Offer Gives You 1000GB Extra Data Until October 31

To recap, the broadband plans worth Rs. 1,099 and Rs. 1,299 (excluding taxes) currently offer 1000GB bonus data to customers at activation in the Delhi-NCR circle. Other areas might be subject to different tariff plans.

Launched at the start for customers availing Airtel’s DSL services on post 12th June on the last year of 2017, the Big Byte offer has now been wholesale and comprehensive by the telecom operator from this 31st March to 31st October which set a goal to provide users with additional data benefits on top of their existing broadband plans.

Unused Big Bytes data can be carried in excess of more than each month till 31st October 2018 or till the data in the expected plan gets over, anyway is first one.

Like, if a user can have 1000GB bonus data on top of the regular plan with the purpose of, say, which can have 100GB data then the Big Byte offer’s data can arrive into action only post the starting of the 100GB has been used.

Or else, data can be rolled over up pending the last date.

In the Delhi-NCR circle, the Big Bytes offer somehow two valid plans. The Rs. 1,099 plan offers up to 100Mbps browsing speed subject to a FUP data limit of 250GB.

The second plan, priced at Rs. 1,299, offers 350GB of data at up to 100Mbps. Both plans also provided the one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime, and unlimited local and STD calling.

You can apply for any one of them by going to Airtel.in, afterward scrolling to the Broadband section under Buy, and decide on and choose the plan that suits your requirement.

Once you enter your address details, Airtel can contact you to share if its V-Fiber plans which are available in your area.