Akash missile project worth Rs 5,000 crores for Indian Air Force approved by India

Indian Ministry of Defence’s department DRDO which is trying to develop an air defence system with the help of Russia. Gov approved 5000 Crore rupees to this department which will make Aakash missile which is quite similar to S-400.


S400 air defence system

In the Era of Nuclear weapons and Missiles, every country needs a system which can protect them from enemy’s rocket, missile or Fighter jet. The countries like USA, Russia, China, France, UK and India. All are trying to develop new kind of weapons which can protect them from AIR Strikes.

In recent years we have seen multiple missile strikes on countries like Syria, Iraq and Gaza. Countries like Russia and the USA have the weapon to eliminate the nuclear missile and can take down stealth fighter jets in the air.

Although India doesn’t have developed a system like that. They directly depends upon Russia for Air defence systems, recently India bought the S400 air defence system from Russia. USA was against this decision and offered F16 fighter jet instead of Russian S400.