Akhil Mishra Deaath Reason? 3 Idiots’ Actor Akhil Mishra Passed Away at 67, Obituary

A piece of shocking news has surfaced on the internet in which it has been told that actor Akhil Mishra, who was seen in the role of 3 Idiots movie, has passed away. Yes, you heard it right. After hearing this news, everyone is stunned and after hearing this news, people have started asking many questions as to how Akhil Mishra died. When did Akhil Mishra die? Was Akhil Mishra suffering from some prolonged illness due to which he died there are many other questions that people are curious to know. Keeping all these things in mind, let us tell you that we have collected for you all the information related to the death of Akhil Mishra. So, without any delay, let us know how such a great actor Akhil Mishra left us all.

Akhil Mishra Deaath Reason

Akhil Mishra, who you know from the role of librarian Dubey in Aamir Khan’s movie 3 Idiots, is no more with us. Akhil Mishra was a Bollywood actor and was born on 22 July 1965 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He started his career in 1983 and from then till his death, he entertained people a lot with his acting. But the news of his death has saddened everyone, even the entire Bollywood industry has been shocked by his death. We know that you all also want to know how Akhil Mishra died.

Akhil Mishra Deaath Reason?

Answering this question, let us tell you that the news of Akhil Mishra’s death has been shared by his second wife Suzanne Bernert on social media. She said that he died due to slipping in the kitchen. When he was in the kitchen, he was climbing up and down on a chair but suddenly his balance got disturbed and he fell from the chair and got injured on his head. He was immediately taken to the hospital and was drenched in blood. Doctors tried their best to save him but he died due to excessive bleeding.

Akhil Mishra has said goodbye to this world and the Bollywood industry by taking his last breath on 21st September 2023 at the age of 67. It is being told that the shooting of his film project was also going on in Hyderabad, which is now incomplete. After his death, his fans shared some of his pictures on their social media accounts and said that his acting was amazing and people will always remember him. The article concludes here with all of the pertinent material. For more latest updates, follow us

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