Akshara Seen Fake Diamond! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Akshara Seen Fake Diamond! Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with whole family members sitting at the dining table fro the rehearsal of the dinner.

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Meanwhile, Bhabhimaa asked Martha to explain what is the procedure of this dinner . Also, Bhabhimaa apologizes to Marth for not including the wine in the dinner but Martha says it ok , wine doesn’t make any special thing.
Meanwhile, Anmol was seen buying a superbike and after that, he was drinking with his friends.

Then, everyone started rehearsing for dinner and everyone started giving a speech about Yasha and Nash.

Martha started wishing Rose and Yash, then other members followed her and everyone was seen wishing the newly married couple.

Then, everyone wished cheered the marriage of the newly couple. Meanwhile, Naksh told everyone that he has to go to the parking lot to bring a stuff from his car.

Later, Naksh saw Anmol with an expensive bike and he asked him that how did he get that bike?

Anmol told him that this bike is of his friend and he had borrowed it. Then, Naksh asked to come inside as Yash is waiting for him.

On the other side, Goya was looking at the Kartik and was thinking about giving her letter to him. Then, she exchanged her letter with the Mishti’s leeter.

Meanwhile, Bhabhi Maa and other ladies were seen appreciating the dinner house and Bhabhi told other that how beautiful this place is.

In the next scene, Mishti was seen asking Naira to deliver her love letter to Kartik. Although Naira refuses her request but after the innocence talks of the Mishti , she agreed to deliver the letter to Kartik.

Meanwhile, Goya was seeing all this and became happy as Naira was about to deliver her love letter to the Kartik.

Naira went to the Kartik to hand him over the Mishti’s letter and she does the same. And while returning from there her cloth was struck into the nail and she thought that Katrik has held that but later realize the truth.

Then she lost her hearing and along with Kartik she went to look out for that and both went under a table.

Then, Naira finds the ring and both shared some moment of joy . Meanwhile, Naksh reached there but he failed to see them.

Also, both came out under the table and a cute conversation was seen between them. Then, Katrik realizes that Mishi’s letter was not here.

And then, Naira became sad and she told Kartik that Mishti will become sad after knowing that her letter was lost.

Then, both started looking for the letter.
Later, somehow that letter was reached to Akshara and she put that in her bag.

Meanwhile, Martha told everyone to play a game in which Yasha nd Rose has to fight so that they will leave happy for their entire life.

They both did the same and Bhabhi maa stopped them and told that to stop the fight. On the other side, Goya was seen looking for her letter after Katrik told her that he has received the letter of Mishti.

In the upcoming episode, we will that Akshara will find out that the diamond which she has brought for Yash has been exchanged with the dummy ring and everyone gets shocked and started predicting that who has stolen that ring.