Akshay Kumar introduces three Fans in Rustom Movie

Akshay Kumar introduces three Fans in Rustom Movie : The Bollywood much awaited film Rustom in which the actor Akshay Kumar in a lead role and where the trailer is also released and the followers are waiting for it and after seeing the trailer it will be gonna hits in big cinema, Now the Three new character is introduced. Akshay Kumar started Rustom is slated to release on August 12.

Akshay Kumar introduces fans to three Rustom characters

According to the Bollywood report’s, Behind entertaining followers with ‘Rustom”s first look and also the trailer, Akshay Kumar has immediately added to his followers, three characters who developed his entire fortune in the movie.

The star got to his Twitter holder and received three posters, entering his lady Cynthia Pavri, villain Vikram Makhija and Priti Makhija, murderous sister of Vikram.

Akshay Kumar first launches his wife Cynthia Pavri, presented by star Ileana D’ Cruz, including, “MeetCynthia Pavri, the strength of my story, my mate still then our life craft scored stone floor.

Find out on Aug 12 #Rustom.”

Dividing a picture of the whole of the main villains in the flick Vikram Makhija, introduced by Arjan Bajwa, he printed, “Meet Vikram Makhija, an opposition in the front of a buddy. The complete tale opens on Aug 12,2016. because of it will be the releasing date of the film.

According to from the update’s, The third poster presents us to the part Priti Makhija, the pretty yet murderous sister of Vikram performed, by star Esha Gupta.

The poster displayed as, “Meet Priti Makhija, reform was a supporter of the Pavri’s yet was she truly? Find out on Aug 12 #Rustom,” reveals Esha applying a black and white evaluated clothes while coolly smoking cigarettes.

The three-minute hopeful trailer, including a backdrop of 1959 Mumbai sets advancing primary details that the flick will screen and has got pollex up of the parts of the movie organization.

The film, that is motivated by the interesting Nanavati event, where a marine leader was decided in court for shooting his wife’s lover, is grayed to hit cinemas on August 12 adjacent Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Mohenjo Daro film.