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Alex Mastakov, a well-known veterinarian and the director of the Unusual Pet Vets Clinic, has passed away. Let’s see How did veterinarian Alex Mastakov die and Alex Mastakov’s cause of death in detail. Dr. Alex Mastakov was a recorded avian specialist and director of the Unusual Pets Veterinarian Clinic on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Alex Mastakov finished his Veterinary Science degree at James Cook University in Townsville in 2013. When he received the news, he was finishing his doctoral studies at the University of Queensland while working as a postgraduate student.

Alex has dedicated his life to helping both the animals and the families who care for them. He made many sacrifices along the way to acquire the expertise and learning necessary to provide the greatest treatment to all his patients. He has always taken a special interest in birds, reptiles, small animals, and everything related to Australia’s unique species. Alex was fighting metastatic cancer. Despite this, Alex stayed the loving, happy, strong, and determined person that many of you know. In August 2021, shortly after completing his veterinary specialty exams in Avian Medicine and Surgery, Alex received a shocking diagnosis of an unusual and serious cancer (adenocarcinoma).

He posted a status update on Facebook saying he was managing chemotherapy well until three days before the end of his first round. It turns out that one of his chemotherapy pills didn’t sit well with his digestive system, causing enterocolitis and a fever. He also provided an update after the second treatment round. After the last cycle, she changed completely to IV medications, which greatly improved the way he felt. This second round has been much better, and the only side effects she has had are slight sickness and short-term tiredness. As a result, he feels great most of the time and is able to carry on with his daily activities as usual.

The third round of chemotherapy went well, and the patient’s response to the medicine was very good. He provided an update saying that he was on his fourth round today and was feeling great. He’s also had a few follow-up scans, all of which showed nothing. He completed the fifth of eight rounds of chemotherapy in October 2021. They were tested over and over again, and happily, they showed no problems. The excellent effect of chemotherapy continued. He was really grateful that he was able to help the strange animals and their owners while still being in good enough shape for work. Sadly, Alex lost his battle with the disease and passed away in the early morning hours of April 14, 2023.

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