All About Pokemon Go Success, Download Apk File, Impact on Server

All About Pokemon Go Success, Download Apk File, Impact on Server :- Pokemon Go has been in news for both positive as well negative spotlights. On One hand it has become one of the most popular games placing Nintendo while there are news that people are stumbling off the california cliffs or people are hurling eggs on unruly mob of Pokemon hunter in Australia.

Pokemon Go

Friday has witness the surge in the valuation of Nintendo to 9.8% hence making the Company even more valuable than the mighty Mitsubishi which is a trading house or Nomura which is a brokerage company. Moreover there are chances of Nintendo becoming the world’s first smart phone to generate $4billion per year.

Success of this app can be estimate by the following facts:
• It has more daily users than twitter
• Highly engaging game even more than facebook
• Estimated to have 7.5millions download alone in US
• Have estimated revenue of about $1.6million each day

Pokemon Go: Global roll out

Till now the game was only accessible to only five countries i.e Australia, Germany, New Zealand, UK and US but now Nintendo are increasing their coverage area. Quite soon they are going to be available in around 200 countries and hence will have a global roll out. Today company has rolled out there app in three countries i.e Italy, Spain and Portugal. Pokemon Go International Rollout Halted due to Server Issues

Pokemon Go: third party providing apk files

It is not like Users from other countries can’t have access to this app. The users from the country where app is not officially launched yet have devised ways through which they can play this game.

There are many third party apps that are providing the access to the apk file of this game but every way has its pro as well as con. This unreliable source might prove as a threat to your beloved smart phone. These third party sites can be a gateway for the malwares that enable the hackers to access all the necessary details like images, contacts, messages etc. and this is not it they can also send messages, delete contacts etc. Beware! Pokemon Go Can Bring Virus in your Phone – Tips to safe your phone

Presently you have to download the Pokémon Go APK record. On your Android gadget go to the Pokémon Go APK site page and tap on ‘Download APK’. Select “alright” when the notice message shows up and Pokémon Go will download. This APK document is presently the most recent rendition of Pokémon Go.

Impact on Server

This rush has impacted the server of the company in the worst possible way. But Hanke who is the CEO of the company has assured that before the global roll out they are working on their servers and are extending their infrastructure accordingly.
Looking at the prosperity of this game it would be worth waiting for its launch in India.