Alphabet will shut down Google Pus, after data breach of 5 Lakh users since 2015

Alphabet will shut down Google Pus, after data breach of 5 Lakh users since 2015: Now it is confirmed that Alphabet will shut down Google + which is a social networking site and was launched to compete against rival Facebook. You all should know that ever since the lunch of Google + it was a total failure because it didn’t work out as Facebook did in the last few years. Overall, here we aren’t going to talk about Google+ shut down, but we are here because Google hid the data leak that has compromised nearly 500,000 accounts.

Yes! You all should know that when it comes to the company like Google nobody expect that they are going to leak the data because it is quite unexpected from the world biggest search engine company. Also, with this breach, they’ve broken the trust of various people and other companies. Some sources are saying that Google found the software bug in its API in March 2018, though it had existed since 2015.

After that, the company didn’t take the important steps because it “trigger immediate regulatory interest”.  Also, the sources are suggesting that Google’s legal and policy team took the decision of not to report the problem. CEO Sundar Pichai was kept in the loop on this decision and he was quite agreed with the decision which means he knew about it from the start.

As you all may know that the earlier this year Facebook faced the same situation and that’s why the Google didn’t want to go public. Now, they have finally put out a blog post highlighting the issue, but its move is likely to invite more criticism and scrutiny, especially since the company has admitted it does not even know which accounts were impacted. Overall, now the company is about to shut down the whole website because they don’t know which account is affected or which is safe.