Ambrane Launched P2000 20800mAh Power Bank for Rs. 1699 Specifications

Ambrane Launched P2000 20800mAh Power Bank for Rs. 1699 Specifications :- Ambrane India known for its range of computer peripherals and mobile accessories has recently launched P2000 which is company’s latest 20800mah capacity power bank. It will be available only in a single color variant i.e White with Grey Mosaic color and is priced at the amount of just INR 1,699. Currently it is on sale through faddish retailers like amazon, Flipkart etc.


Currently there are few power banks delivering such high capacity. There are already available power banks like Asus 10050mAh Zen Power bank available at the price of INR 1,525, Honor Power bank with 13000mAh capacity at INR 1,299, Mi 20,000mAh at INR 2,199 etc. Definitely Ambrane P2000 offers large capacity in comparison to the other power banks proffered by its contemporaries at the price range.
Ambrane P2000 specs:
It entails 3 USB charging ports (1A, 2.1A and 2.1A) so that one can simultaneously charge more than two handsets and it also adjusts the output according to the capacity of the device. In its lifetime it can easily withstand the around 500 power cycle and moreover it carries either Samsung SD Li-ion batteries in its panel. Company claims that their new offering promises the conversion rage up to 80%.
To keep the problems like higher temperature, short circuits, over discharge and electromagnetic field at bay it encompasses multiple chip protection. This multiple chip set up works in the way that device constantly monitors the output current and whenever the current exceed the maximum amount it shuts off hence protecting the device.
LEDs are present so as to indicate the charging or discharging while torch light is also present on the board so that it can be used in SOS.
Key specs:
• 20800mah power capacity
• Promises 500 power cycle
• Incorporates either Samsung SDI Li-ion cells
• Offers conversion rage up to 80%
• Includes three USB charging port (1A, 2.1A and 2.1A)
• Available in White with Grey Mosaic color
• Encompasses protection against through multiple chip protection
• Available at the price of INR 1, 699
• Is on sale from the retailers like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
• It can charge 2000mAh handset or a tablet up to 8 times
• It offers high efficiency
• Compatible for all type if USBs
• Comes with 1 year of Manufacturer’s warranty
• Weighs 440grams
• Measures 165X79X23mm in dimension
• Offer 5V/2.1 A power supply
• AC adapter or USB is the power source