American 767 Plane Caught Fire on runway of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

Chicago:  While taking off, an American Airlines 767 plane has caught fire on the runway of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The federal Aviation Administration said that the Boeing 767 bound for Miami blew a tyre and damaged an engine, so the plane caught fire.


The pilot immediately took a right action and aborted the take-off and evacuated everyone on board via emergency chutes as black smoke billowed from the plane.

The airline’s officials said that 7 passengers and a flight attendant were slightly injured and rushed to the hospital for the medical treatment.

There were 9 crew members and 161 passengers on board.

According to the statement of American Airlines said that we are taking care of our customers and crew members and are re-accommodating our passengers on another flight to Miami this evening.

The incident took place at 14:35 local time (19:35 GMT).

The Fire service officials announced that the fire was out at 15:00.

The FAA said that a FedEx plane caught fire at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, airport after its landing gear collapsed at time of landing.