Amitabh Bachchan’s Pink Hidden Meaning Revealed, Has Nothing To Do With Colour

Amitabh Bachchan’s Pink Hidden Meaning Revealed, Has Nothing To Do With Colour : Amitabh Bachan’s latest release Pink has received a tremendous success at box office and even, critics has rated this movie as one of the best of 2016.


Although, before the release of it, there were a lot of confusion about the actual meaning of Pink. Apparently, it does not mean a pink color, and even, the director of this movie asked people to watch Pink know the actual meaning of it.

Meanwhile, Veeresh Malik explained the true meaning of Pink. He wrote on his blog ” the different urban word references online characterize “pink” as a source of perspective to constrained and frequently pitiless or danger based control of a v*ina by an unwelcome p*nis. That is about as hard-hitting as it gets, there are other racial feelings likewise, which I first caught the wind of, path route back in the ’70s.” In less difficult terms, “v*ina of the sort that is purchased, with viciousness.”

Also, in a recent interview, Amitabh Bachan, and Shoojit Sircar conveyed the real meaning of Pink. The legendary actor told media wing” you know when the trailer was launched, the journalist like you asked us what is the meaning of Pink. But, we were not able to answer it because one can simply understand its meaning after watching the movie.”

Big B further added ” As it is there is little to discuss when the film is a thriller, so we took a shot at an alternate methodology for advancement. Pink is an intense film, and we are glad that everybody is valuing it.”

Shoojit Sircar informed media wing that ” we were confident about this movie and also about the message that it conveyed. But, did we expected universal love and appreciation?

Shoojit further added, ” my favorite color is Pink, and my team will not stop smiling.”

Amitabh Bachan also revealed the idea behind revealing the women first in Pink. He told media wing that ” ‘Since the subject manages ladies, it is their story, and it is entirely reasonable that they are presented first. Other than we say ‘women first,’ so why not place that into practice? I talked about this with my maker and chief and both Aniruddh and Shoojit comprehended and acknowledged.”

Taapsee Pannu also gave her word on a movie ” You recognize what encounters she experienced while going in DTC transports however she didn’t marshal the fearlessness to challenge. The film will now show young ladies like her to go to police headquarters and hotel dissent. This is the triumph of Pink.”

Well, not only the meaning even this movie is quite different, and it is believed that Pink has now become the social movie that gives a strong message and everyone should watch it once.