#AmitShahIsACriminal trending on Twitter due to Criminal History

#AmitShahIsACriminal trend is now trending on social networking website Twitter. According to this trend on Twitter, that Amit Shah is the accused of Sohrabuddin murder case, Prajapati murder case, Ishrat Jahan case and B K Bansal. In the case of Ishrat Jahan case, Congress party had changed the whole story of the case and proved that Ishrat Jahan was an innocent girl. Former finance minister P Chidambaram had misused his power at the time when Congress was in power.


The court had given a clean chit to Amit Shah in that case, then what is the aim of this trending. This trend is entirely politically motivated.

Earlier, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked PM Modi to provide the proof of surgical strike; the whole nation stands against this step of Kejriwal. After this Pakistan supports Kejriwal on this matter and a trend #PakStandsWithKejrwal trends on the Twitter.

The trend #AmitShahIsACriminal is the trick of the AAP Party to hide its supremo’s fault on asking PM Modi to provide the proof of surgical strike.

If Amit Shah is a criminal, then why he is traveling free out of jail.

On the cover page of Tehelka in a tweet, the photo of Amit Shah is on the cover page of this magazine with the title “Why this man is still free?”

Here are some critical tweets of the trend: