An 80 years old woman eaten by strays dogs in govt. hospital in Madhya Pradesh

An 80 years old woman eaten by strays dogs in govt. hospital in Madhya Pradesh :- Madhya Pradesh: An 80-year-old woman who were mauled by stray dogs, was found in the district hospital premises after she went missing from the facility.

The hospital officials said that the remains of the woman identified as Bismillah. She was found yesterday by the sanitation staff in the hospital premises near the maternity ward. The woman had gone missing on 19th March 2017.

CMO Dr S S Gupta said that when other patients alerted the staff of the hospital about a foul smell emanating from the spot, the hospital came to know about the missing woman.

CMO said that she was eaten up by stray dogs who just left the upper portion of her body. He further said that the woman might have probably stepped out of the hospital and mauled by the animals.
He said that the probe will bring clarity into the incident.

The local police said that the old woman had come from Madhusudhangadh area in Guna district a few days ago. She was admitted to the district hospital recently by cops who found her unwell and lying on a roadside.

The police said that the woman went missing on 19th March 2017, but no police complaint was lodged by the hospital officials.

The remains of the old lady have been handed over to her relatives for last rites and investigation is underway.