An Indian athlete arrested for sexually abusing a minor girl in US

An Indian athlete arrested for sexually abusing a minor girl in US :- New York: An Indian athlete of 24-year-old has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing a minor girl, days after he arrived in the US. He hails from Kashmir. He went there for a snowshoe competition.

An Indian Athlete – Tanveer Hussain arrived in the small village of Saranac Lake in New York state for taking part in the World Snowshoe Championships. But New York Police said that he has been charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.


On Wednesday, NY Police arrested Hussain after the girl accused him of sexually abusing her. The girl is under the age of 13.

Casey Reardon who is the Police Sergeant said that the girl with her parents reported the abuse to police. This incident took place on Monday evening in the village. Casey Reardon said that police arrested Tanveer Hussain after the complaint. Hussain has been cooperating in the case.

Hussain was accuses and he will be bring before the court on Monday. His lawyer entered a not-guilty plea on the behalf of Hussain.

The lawyer of Hussain – Brian Barrett said that I could not have entered anything else but a not-guilty based on the information I had.

Barrett said that based on the limited communications I could have with Hussain, it did not allow for me to properly evaluate the case.

The lawyer Barrett said that not only is he innocent, he is presumed innocent by law. That is how he should be seen in the community and by anyone paying attention in this case.

As per the report that Tanveer Hussain had planned to return home this week. It said “a visibly upset Hussain”, with hands shackled and still wearing a maroon World Snowshoe Championships hat, pleaded with the judge not to send him to jail.

Hussain said that Sir, please. Help me.

The judge decided not to accept a plea because he was not sure if Hussain fully understood the charges against him. The judge remanded him to the Essex County Jail in Lewis in lieu of USD 5,000 cash bail or USD 10,000 bond. A preliminary hearing on this case is scheduled on next Monday.

Khan said that Hussain told him he was innocent. Khan said that the girl had followed him during their stay here and Hussain had told the girl to go back to her home.

When the judge asked about Khan’s account, Reardon said that police have enough evidence for probable cause. There is evidence that supports the charges.

Khan, 34, is the president of the Snowshoe Federation of India.

As per the report that Khan said that it is an embarrassment because people gave us love, respect, everything. They opened their hearts to us. I am more responsible because it should not have happened. I am the guy who is here representing everything. We will not be able to show our face to them again.


The story of Tanveer Hussain drew the international attention from the BBC network. Hussain finished in 114th place in 8-kilometer championship race on Saturday.