Anand Clears Stand on SI Couple pre-wedding Shoot Goes Viral on Social Media

Hyderabad police couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot garners advice and attention from a senior officer and department. Good Day Readers. Today a news has gain a lot of attraction. Hyderabad police couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot garners advice from a senior officer. Stay with this article to find out more about this news. A pre-wedding photoshoot featuring a couple from Hyderabad has gained widespread attention. The pair, both police officers, incorporated shots of themselves in their official uniforms and included official vehicles in their photoshoot.

Anand Clears Stand on SI Couple pre-wedding Shoot

A pre-wedding video featuring a police couple in Hyderabad has gone viral on social media. The video showcases the two police officers, dressed in their uniforms, entering police station premises and riding inside police vehicles during a two-minute song sequence. This video has gained significant attention on the internet. Despite expectations that a senior police officer might criticize it as an inappropriate use of authority, IPS officer CV Anand offered some advice to the couple and others involved. IPS Anand acknowledged the couple’s enthusiasm and evident affection for their uniforms but conceded that the video was somewhat “awkward.” Nevertheless, he expressed his desire to meet the couple and offer his blessings.

Anand Clears Stand on SI Couple pre-wedding Shoot

On X (formerly Twitter), IPS Anand shared, “I’ve noticed a range of responses to this. Frankly, it appears they’re quite enthusiastic about their upcoming marriage, albeit it’s a bit cringe-worthy. Policing is an exceptionally challenging profession, particularly for women. Her finding a life partner within the department is a cause for celebration for all of us.” Regarding the scenes at the police station and with the government vehicle, the senior police officer remarked, “Considering that both individuals are police officers, I don’t see any issue with their use of police department property and insignia. If they had approached us beforehand, we would have gladly granted permission for their shoot. While some may have strong feelings about it, I personally wish to meet them and extend my best wishes, even though they didn’t extend an invitation to their wedding. Naturally, I would also advise others not to attempt something similar without obtaining proper authorization.”

The video has amassed a substantial number of views on various social media platforms. Some users criticized the couple for what they saw as a “blatant abuse of authority,” while others suggested that the southern film industry, known as Tollywood, could draw inspiration from the pre-wedding video created by the police couple. The video appears to have been meticulously produced, featuring a slow-motion dance sequence featuring the police couple from Hyderabad. Additionally, the couple included iconic Hyderabad landmarks like Charminar in their music video, enhancing its overall appeal.

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