Andhra: Drunk man Rapped a women in front of people; Nobody helped!

Andhra: Drunk man Rapped a woman in front of people; Nobody helped: Well, now I don’t think that there is anything new to tell when a woman gets raped in front of people and nobody helped her. This is speechless, I mean we all heard everyone saying that “Rape is Brutal” “Police aren’t doing anything” or “government isn’t doing anything”  but now what will you say when you’ll see that some people didn’t help who was getting rapped in front of everyone?  Now, maybe you’ll say that this is “bad” but this is true and happened in between us in our country India.

Well, as per the reports, a  28-year-old woman was raped by a man, who was allegedly drunk, on the footpath of Vishakhapatnam in broad daylight on Sunday. Yes! You are reading it right someone rapped a woman in board daylight, in front of everyone and nobody really helped her. This isn’t just as simple as you see; the guy who raped her brutally abused her and slapped her.

Sources are saying that the passers-by did not come to the aide of the woman, instead, an autorickshaw driver recorded the crime on his mobile phone. Yeah again you can see that how bad we all are and this is something unreal. I mean how someone can be so brutal to this type of crime. Overall, the accused was identified as 23-year-old Ganji Siva, a truck driver. Police arrested him on Sunday night after the autorickshaw driver gave them the video of the incident.

“The woman had left her home in Vepagunta near Pendurthi on the outskirts of Vizag after a tiff with her husband and had arrived in Vizag on a bus early Sunday. She took shelter under a tree on the pavement when Siva assaulted her. He is an alcoholic and drug addict,” Inspector Ramana told the IE.