Android Q could reverse App Updates for the users

Android Q could reverse App Updates for the users: As an Android user we always get stuck when we see the new update of any app because sometime updates could be boring and disturbing. Reports are coming that the users or anyone who updates a particular app can’t just take the step back. If you are looking for the solution of this above mentioned problem then we think that we have great news for you. Yes! Reports are coming that the Android Q which is Google’s latest upcoming version could solve this problem.

Android Q Could Allow Users To Reverse App Updates

You all should know that the update which brings the bugs and new problems can be solved by going to back to the previous version. We think that this new Android Q is going to make you all amazed. Now, you all should remember that nothing is really real now and a XDA developers have spotted a few string the early build of Android Q that indicate that users might indeed get the ability to reverse app. We think that the new version is going to make you all amazed.

Even, the new PACKAGE_ROLLBACK_AGENT and MANAGE_ROLLBACKS-indicate that they might allow the Google Play Store to roll back an app to its previous version. Now, we are pretty happy that the new version is really going to give the power to the users. Apart from the app permission, the publication has also spotted two new broadcast events– PACKAGE_ENABLE_ROLLBACK and PACKAGE_ROLLBACK EXECUTED. Also, the sources are saying that could possibly allow the rolled back apps to the older version.

We are pretty sure that the Android Q is really going to be great and would put some big changes on it. However, it seems to do nothing so far. Overall, we aren’t sure about the whole thing as we didn’t really think that it is going to be happen any sooner but we have expectations. As of now, there is no way to install an older version of an app via the Google Play Store.