Angad challenge Raavan! Siya Ke Ram 11th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Angad challenge Raavan! Siya Ke Ram 11th July 2016 Episode Written Updates : Vibhishan shoots Sita, Ravan asks Meghnath why he betrayed him? He says he did a prank with Ram and also Vibhishan tells Ram that this is not Sita but Kumbhika who came there to kill him by Meghnath. Ram expresses his gratefulness to Vibhishan and declares him his fast friend. He hugs him, Ravan asks then where is Sita? He tells that He sent Sita to the jail with Trijata and he wants to defeat Ram to kill Ram he sends Kumbhika as Sita.


Siya Ke Ram 11th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ravan asks to stop her as he wants to kill him on his own. Ravan asks Meghnath never execute any of the plans without his permission. Akampana tells Ravan that Nal and Neel from Ram’s army are making way to reach Lanka for Ram and his army. Ravan is happy with this news.

Sita asks Trijata why she brings her here? Trijata tells her about the whole incident and shows her confidence in him. Also, tells her about Ram’s arriving news. Ram makes a Shivling. Lord Shiva declares that place to be known as Rameshwaram. Ram asks Sugriva to depart the place and heads towards Lanka.

They leave the place with the army. Soon they reach Lanka and Trijata informs Sita about this. Ravan got to know the news and smirks saying now no one can rescue them from him. Akampana asks him to beware and not to underestimate them. Also, Vibhishan is with them to tell him about our weakness.

Ravan ignores him. Vibhishan tells him about the entrance and about Sita’s place. Sugriva asks to attack and secure Sita but Ram wants to send a message of peace to Ravan. He asks Angad to deliver the message to him.


Ravan insults Ram in front of Angad. Angad challenges him if any of the person present at the court can move his feet from the ground then they will go back accepting failure.