Angry Man Enters Apple Store & Smashes Apple Products

The Apple has recently launched their new I Phones titled as I Phone 7 and I Phone Plus, but it failed to satisfy the customers like its previous series does.



The users of the new I Phone 7 phones have a complaint that there are few problems are going with their new phones. Numbers of customers complaint that new I Phone s7 and I Phone 7 Plus is giving some kind of buzzing voice from the logo of the Apple. Also, numbers of I-Phone user are disappointed with the exclusion of jack in the latest model of I Phones.

And, this frustration was seen recently when one of the user of Apple product came to the store of Apple and tried to destroy all the Apple product which were kept there.

It is believed that the angry man entered the Apple store in and started breaking all the Apple product with the steel ball in the city of in Dijon, France. The whole incident came

The whole incident came front when one of the users of the Youtube uploaded the video of this man.


The local Police arrested that man and took him to the custody and investigation is going on. Meanwhile, the actual reason behind the action of man is not informed but it is believed that he has done it because of unsatisfactory removal of jack in the new I Phones.




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