Angry mob in PoK burnt Pakistani Flag over the rigged election in PoK

PoK: Angry mob over rigged PoK elections burnt the Pakistani flag in Neelum Valley (PoK) and then faced the cruel action of police.

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is burning after the PoK elections held on July 21 because the elections were allegedly rigged in favour of Pakistan Muslim League(PML-N). This party belong to Pakistan PM Sharif. In the rigged polls, PML-N won the 32 out of 41 seats.

People of PoK are very angry over the rigged polls. They did the massive protest against the Pakistan Government.

Yesterday, the angry mob in PoK burnt the Pakistani Flag. A huge protest hit the PoK since the 21st July 2016.


The people of PoK said that we did not exercised our vote in the election then how the party won the 32 seats out 42 seats in PoK.

Pakistani army stopped the locals from casting their right in the election.

Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Chinari and Kotli are the major towns of PoK and witnessed protests after members of the PML (N) allegedly killed a supporter of the Muslim Conference (MC) in Muzaffarabad.

The protesters burnt Tyres, blocked traffic and clashed with police. Several protesters got injuries in clashed with police. The administration of the PoK moved to clamp down on press reporting.

A Muslim Conference Leader said that the PML (N) is now indulging in widespread propaganda and killing after the rigging election. They have killed our friend. He also added that if the authorities fail to take any action, they will be responsible for any future incident.

Locals said that elections in PoK are always fixed in favour of the ruling party in Pakistan, in current instance, for the PML-N.