Anika Gets Tensed! Ishqbaaz 26th August 2016 Written Updates Episode

Anika Gets Tensed! Ishqbaaz 26th August 2016 Written Updates Episode :- In the last episode of the TV series Ishqbaaz it has been shown Love angel aka Saumya speak with Om and Rudra on phone speak about love and how to impress girls and Rudra and Om both has been seen impress with Love angel.

Anika Gets Tensed

Shivay’s mom thinks to patch up with Omkara’s mom and when she praised Omakara’s mom with Dadi’s advice. Omakara’s mom also gives the nod to befriend with Shivay’s mom. Rudra saw impress with girls on seeing them at the college and tries to be close with her by using Love Angel’s tricks.

Omkara sees Ridhima and thinks how they are now separates’ from each other. Ridhima thinks that we need to give one more chance to our relationship as in silly matter it will not be a fine idea to separate.

Anika prepares the cake for Shivay as Shivay earned huge profits in the business and when she have an encounter with both Rudra and Om they think that it will be the best idea to end the conflict she is having with Shivay.

Om is very sure that Shivay will end his rivalry after eating cake from her hands and Anika has been seen impressed. She also asked Om and Rudra to come with her.

Anika Bakes a Cake for Shivaay Rudra follows Love Angel’s advice of engaging in a heart-to-heart conversation with his crush, while Anika bakes a cake for Shivaay and when she is about to present the cake to him, his muffler catches fire from the candle she haves on the cake.

Anika is shocked to see that that Shivay’s muffler is starts burning and she just pushes him on the swimming pool when she unable to finishes the fire. Om and Rudra are shocked to see so with Anika.

Shivay is too confused on the swimming pool and comes out from the same after having confusion and anger on his face. Now he is coming towards Anika and Anika is shocked to see so and think something.