Anjali is in Danger! Sasural Simar Ka SSK 5th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Anjali is in Danger! Sasural Simar Ka SSK 5th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates : The last night episode of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka started with Simar is desperate to know the whereabouts of her daughter Anjali, Simar returns to the Bharadwaj house and searches her room for clues.


Sasural Simar Ka Written Updates

In the Bharadwaj house, she realised that Khushi is against of Simar and she humiliated Si mar badly. Simar ignores her and tries to reach to the Anjali’s room to have some clues to see that Khushi is stopping her way from going.

Now when Khushi tries to hold Simar’s hands she has been stopped by Piyush and his brother. In Mumbai somehow Anjali gets a cheap room, next day she rushes to meet with the director to know that he will be given Anjali work after one week as he needs to go for an important meeting.

Anjali is worried as for one week she is having no job, neither is she having money nor accommodation then how she will be live in Mumbai. She wonders and looks on. Jahnvi welcome Simar by saying that until last night Anjali was in the Bharadwaj house.

Jahnvi also asked Simar that last night after dinner Anjali went to her room, now we don’t know meanwhile Anjali how to disappear from the house without letting anyone know anything. Simar says thanks to Jahnvi for giving her clue in teary eyes.

In Anjali’s room, Simar realised that Anjali has fled to Mumbai. Simar somehow discusses with Rohan and Piyush that Anjali’s dream is to became a Bollywood actress and model so must she has been moved to Mumbai.

Precap: Simar says I have to go to Mumbai to find my daughter. I feel that she must be in trouble. I have to save her.

Anjali is actually now surrounded by thugs. Rohan says you will go there but with me and Piyush. I will arrange the tickets.