Anjali Throws a Ball on Chantu! Sasural Simar Ka 29th February 2016 Written Updates

Anjali Throws a Ball on Chantu! Sasural Simar Ka 29th February 2016 Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” begins with Simar says that the Guru Maa said that the souls will freeze. We have to find the souls in just 15 minutes to perish them completely. But Guru Maa realised that her Mantra is now stop working. Simar starts walking.

Sasural Simar Ka anjali

Sasural Simar Ka 29th February 2016 Written Updates

She hears voices from chatu’s room. Simar says is there someone is Chotu’s room? Simar sees Roli is in the room and her hand is bleeding. Simar says what happened? Roli says I was calling Sidharth but suddenly vase broken there and my hands cut while collecting the pieces. Simar said to Roli don’t be careless. Simar says you are so careless. Simar says now we should search the soul to perish them and we are having very little time.

Suddenly Mata Ji come and asked to Simar complete all the works. Simar gets scared and Mata Ji drinks one jug water. Everybody is now working in the kitchen but everyone is tired.

Simar ask them to go to sleep she will finish all the works and she need to keep her eyes on Mata Ji but Pari says if we go from here, Mata Ji will punish us twice.

Suddenly Simar realised somebody stabbed her, she shares this with Roli and Jahnvi in the next morning but there is no sign of stabbing. Simar, Roli and Jahnvi all of them got shocked.

Suddenly Mata Ji arrived and said to Simar that if there is no scar should I make one? She comes with a belt. Mata ji says you broke my rules; you didn’t do your work and didn’t let others do. You will be punished for it. For one mistakes you deserve 10 belts.

Everybody is shocked to see that as Mata ji never slapped any of her children but mercilessly Mata Ji hits Simar 10 times. Everyone is in tears in the Bharadwaj family. And eventually Simar fell down.

Precap- Sanju says to Chantu show me some magic. Chantu says, not now later on. Sanju says Anjali wants to see magic and Anjali throw a ball on Chantu.