Antronixx G’s Free Fire ID KD Ratio Rank Stats Monthly-Yearly Earning & Youtube Channel

In this blog, we are going to talk about one of the free-fire gamers of Mexico, who achieved extensive popularity worldwide. The name of the streamer is “Antronixx G”. Antornixx has been streaming and creating video content for quite some time and within a couple of years, this individual effortlessly displayed his gaming skills to the rest of the world and gained huge popularity among the new gamers and became the inspiration for many. Within a short span of time, he has a humongous fan following. Stick with us, as we are going to discuss the lifetime, ranked stats, his annual and monthly income and also about his YouTube channel and social media handles.

Antronixx G's Free Fire ID

The free fire Id of Antronixx is 67159343. In this section, we will look into the lifetime stats of the gamer. To date, the streamer has taken part in 6859 squad matches and out which has succeeded in 1933. His winning ratio in these squad matches is 28.19%, while his k/d ratio in these games is 4.11. He has killed a total of 20228 opponents. The video content creator has also played 1791 Duo matches so far and has been undefeated in 322 and has a win percentage of 17.98%. Antronixx has 5807 kills in the duo matches and has a kill/death ratio of 3.94.

As of yet, the creator has taken part in 6520 solo matches and has gained 836 conquests. His win per cent in these matches is 12.83% and has a K/d ratio of 3.78 and killed 21548 enemies. Now we will dive into the Ranked stats of Anronixx G. In this present season, the gamer has participated in  134 squad matches and out of which has secured 77 triumphs and maintained a winning rate of 57.47%. He has a K/D ratio of 8.22 and has killed 468 foes in these matches.

In the same ongoing season, the player has also competed in duo modes. He has played a total of 102 duo matches and has won 26 out of them and has a winning percentage of 25.48% and has defeated 306 foes. 4.04 is the K/d ratio of the gamer in these matches. Talking about the solo matches, then the gamer has played 240 solo games and out of which has secured 45 success. His k/D ratio in these matches is 4.32 and has so far 842 kills.

In the upcoming section, we will look into the youtube channel of the Antronixx G. The YouTube channel name of the Mexican streamer is “Antornixx G”. Currently he has 7.62 million subscribers on his channel and so far the guy has uploaded 835 videos. The streamer joined youtube on 20th October 2016 and so far he has more than 842K views on his channel. The gamer is also verified on Instagram. His Instagram handle is “@antronixxgyt”.

To date, he has more than 2.6 million followers on his Instagram account. In term of subscribers, the YouTuber is positioned at 64th place in his home country, ‘Mexico’. Antronixx loves creating content on video game platforms like Free fire and he has been doing this for quite a while now. Here comes the records of the YouTuber’s earning. The calculated monthly income of the gamer is estimated to be roughly around USD4K to USD64.5K, while his annual income is approximately USD48.4K to USD774.3K. Antronixx has made his name in the gaming industry as he has always been passionate about gaming. For more such news, follow our page.

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