In Pics: Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli spotted together after breakup in Goa

In Pics: Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli spotted together after breakup in Goa :- The most cutest and a lovable couple of the India are back together after the gap of six months or so. The premier Indian batsman, Virat Kohli and beautiful Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma were witnessed together in Goa at an ISL match.

Well, we all knew that Virat is the co-owner of the FC Goa team in the ISL, so he along with her love interest Anushka went to support his team. The duo was spotted at the football stadium where they were sitting and watching the game and later they both went for a late dinner night. Although, Virat changed his t-shirt for the dinner and Anuskha Sharma was in the same outfit that she wear during the match.

The couple looks stunning together and were seen very comfortable while enjoying each other company. It looks like both Virat and Anushka made their mind about leaving together and that the reason they feel very comfortable while getting snapped by the media and the fans.






Well, these pictures went viral within few minuted after getting uploaded to the internet. The Cricketer and the Actress had a sour relationship in past couple of months as Anushka was criticed everytime whenever Virat got out early in the match and fans leaved no stone unturned for trolling her for the semi-final loss against the Australian in 2015 world cup as Virat got out on the low score of just 7 runs.