Andhra Pradesh(AP) Government targets ha acreage of 43 lakh hectares in this Kharif season

Andhra Pradesh(AP) Government targets ha acreage of 43 lakh hectares in this Kharif season :- The Government of Andhra Pradesh is aiming this Kharif season an acreage of 43 lakh hectares against 38 lakh hectares last year. The monsoon is very good this year so the government is targeting an acreage of 43 lakh hectares this year.


A senior officer said that the government is also focusing on increasing the production of pulses because there is a shortage of lentils in the country.

Dhanunjaya Reddy who state’s agriculture commissioner said that till now the things is going very well in Kharif, sowing took place 10 lakh hectares instead of 5.6 lakh last year. It is good progress as compared to last three years.

He said that this Kharif season, we are expecting good rains in the month of August, September than June – July.

According to official data, show that 11 districts of the state got the excess rains from 1 June to 6 July except Srikakulam and Nellore districts.

The farmers of the state agreed to the government idea because last year they had a bad season of Kharif and Rabi. Seeds already were supplied to the farmers at subsidy rate.

The agricultural department had planned to micro nutrition seed and fertilizer distribution in advance in Kharif season.

Reddy also said that the government constructed the Pattiseema Lift irrigation scheme on the river Godavari which links with Krishna. This scheme would help the farmers of the state.

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh n Chandrababu Naidu recently inaugurated the transfer of water of Godavari river to Krishna through the Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme. The water from the Godavari to Krishna is expected to reach the Prakasam barrage in Vijayawada(Krishna delta) by 15 July this year.

Reddy said the government is laying concentration on the production or cultivation of pulses because the shortage of pulses in the country is a major concern.

The production of pulses in the state of Andhra Pradesh grew 30% more than the last year.

He also added that We are extremely campaigning for the pulses in the state. Farmers are also with us and they are willing to grow the pulses as the rate are good to compare to last year.

Dhanunjaya Reddy also said that Andhra Pradesh is at the top position in the distribution of soil health cards.