Apple Airpod Wireless Earbuds Shipping To Be Delayed

Apple Airpod Wireless Earbuds Shipping To Be Delayed :- Everyone felt that it is a bold move when Apple launched its latest smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus without an audio jack. Apple has ditched the audio jack 3.5mm and to compensate for the loss, the company has unveiled the lightening EarPods, an adapter, and even the latest wireless earbuds, named as Apple AirPods.


Apple has announced a delay in the shipment of Airpods and the report says that people may not be acquiring the latest accessory until the January of next year.

The supplier Inventec will be starting the shipments, not before January 2017 and its revenue is also expected to be growing up by 7 percent.

On the delay of Apple Airpods launch, the company does not give any specific reason. In an email to Reuters, Apple spokeswoman – Trudy Muller said that We do not believe in shipping a product before it is ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers.

Followed by its MacBook Pro event, Apple has planned to launch its AirPods in the month of October 2016. But, according to a report from the Apple insider reveals that the company is going to launch by the end of the year and do not prolong the delay to the next year. Apple AirPods will cost $159 (Rs. 15,400 In India).

The latest Airpods are powered by new W1 wireless chip of Apple. This chip enables quick pairing and connectivity with the iPhone. The earphones are completely wireless and there are no physical connection to each other. There will be optical sensors and accelerometer featured in the accessory. These sensors work with the W1 chip which detects the headphones when they are in your ears and only plays when you are ready to listen.