Apple AR Headset Launched In 2022 and AR Glasses in 2023

Apple AR Headset Launched In 2022 and AR Glasses in 2023 :- According to a report, Apple is planning to release its first augmented reality headset in 2022, followed by a smaller device, a pair of AR glasses, in 2023.

Apple AR Headset Launched In 2022

Reportedly, Apple executives shared these details at an internal meeting in October, where Apple’s product roadmap was revealed which mentioned two augmented reality devices. This meeting was led by Apple’s VP Mike Rockwell who is responsible for Apple’s AR and VR initiatives.

As per a report earlier this year by Ming-Chi Kuo, which said that Apple’s AR glasses would be coming by 2020.  Kuo had then stated that the AR glasses by Apple would be out in the market as accessories for the iPhone and mainly play the role of the display while being connected to the iPhone wirelessly. All the processing might be carried out on the iPhone itself. However, the latest report from The Information has pushed this date forward by a couple of years, citing difficulties in the development of the technology behind the AR headsets and AR glasses.

According to the report, Apple’s AR headset is codenamed N301 and looks like a slim version of the Oculus Quest VR headset. The alleged Apple AR headset comes with AR and VR capabilities. The onboard cameras map the area surrounding the user and there will be high-resolution on the headset to show information overlaid on the real-world or blend the virtual objects in a real-world setup. Developers will be contacted by Apple on this in 2021.

Apple AR Glasses Launchedin 2023

On the other hand, the Apple AR glasses would be a lot lighter and expected for long-term usage. According to a report, the prototypes under test looks like any high-end sunglasses with thick frames which will hide the batteries and other electronic components. Apple is also said to be working with lenses that turn dark when in operation to hint to the observers that the user is busy.

These AR devices expected to come out of Apple’s research labs will use the new 3D sensor system which is an advanced version of the Face ID camera.