Apple Confirms! Error 53: iPhones are no more secure

Apple Confirms! Error 53: iPhones are no more secure :- iPhone users are facing a unique problem in their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This problem is named as “ERROR 53”, it is a mysterious error which is effecting the iPhones so much that they have to take the help of the third party services. In this case one has to either repair their Home screen button or the display itself.
Users complained that their handset is working fine after the repair. They are facing this problem only when they update their iPhones to the latest iOS version. For now only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users are getting effected.

Apple Confirms Error 53 iPhones are no more secure

What is Error 53 and why does it occur?

When Apple first came up with the finger print sensors company claimed that they did not store any of the finger print information instead the created a cave like structure in the device itself and was separated it from the other hardware to keep the information secure.

Each TouchID sensor was incorporated in a single iPhone only to ensure that same cannot be used on any other device. This was done to assure that one are having their information in a secured place and no hardware can hack the information.

To ensure the security of the information, at the time of repair also it is ensured that new TouchID is incorporated on the device. If one prefer non apple centre then same is not possible there or any store which is not certified by the Apple. Moreover whenever a new iOS update is installed on the device, apple reassures that the Touch ID sensors are replaced. In case there is unauthorized Touch ID Display, it fails the test leaving the handset bricked.

One not just loses their handset but all their necessary information as well because it is non-recoverable.

So the crux of the situation is that if your iPhone has an TouchID sensor, then one has to check whether the iOS matches the other components during the restore/any update or not. This let one have their iOs features related to the TouchID secure. Whenever the iOS detects any unauthorized TouchID the check fails and hence errors occur.

If one opts for a third party service centers then their handset is deemed out of the warranty and apple is no more responsible for any loss of the data. Moreover on their official website Apple has mentioned that if in case one has got their handset repaired from apple store or apple certified store they can contact the apple support. But if one had opt for the third party service centers then in that case they have to first pay the price for the out-of-warranty repairs and then they can contact the apple support.

Error 53 iPhones are no more secure

Why people opt for third-party services?

The reason is that apple service centers are quite expensive and they charge huge amount for the service which they offer. In many cases Apple does not even repair the handset and convince the user to get their handset replaced for INR 23,166.

Why such Hue and Cry over Error 53?

The reason is that apple is keeping a check whether the customer has got their handset repaired by a third party service center or not hence violating their privacy.