Apple iOS 12 Public Beta Download Here: It is available for every user

Apple iOS 12 Public Beta Download Here: It is available for every user: You all should know that Apple has announced the iOS 12 earlier in the annual WWDC 2018 keynote. As first, it was available for the developers but now you’ll be able to download it. The public beta version of the OS is available for download. If you are an iPhone SE user or above, you can download the public beta from Apple’s public beta website. Well, before you start we would like to say that beta versions are usually riddled with a lot of bugs and issues, so you can do it if you are really looking for the update.

Now, to download the iOS 12 beta you should have to be the member of Apple’s Beta Software Program. After that, you can enroll a device to access the public beta. You all should backup your data because you can lose it and we don’t want that you lost anything. This time the company has gone low on features and big on improvements. Performance improvements have been made system-wide where the camera can launch 70 percent faster with the keyboard also popping up 50 percent faster along with typing now being more responsive according to Apple.

Also, you all should know that Apple’s implementation thanks to its True Depth Camera should be a lot more detailed and accurate. And yes, there is support for tracking your tongue in Animojis as well. Apple has finally listened to its wide user base and made grouped notifications available on iOS 12 as well.

Now, you’ll be able to join an AR game and that will help you. There is also a new update to Apple’s AI voice assistant Siri called as the Siri Shortcuts which will enable you to create shortcuts for apps and suggestions at relevant times based on various contexts. We are sure that this whole update will work out for you and you’ll love it because it is simple and easy to use.