Apple iPhone 7 Launch Live Streaming Event Features Specification Price 7th September 2016

Apple iPhone 7 Launch Live Streaming Event Features Specification Price 7th September 2016 :- A new year and a new I -Phone has become the trend of this generation. 2016 will be the year for the I-phone 7 and it will be a great gift for gadget lovers. It is the most awaited phone of the year and there is a lot of talk about this new I-phone.

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Meanwhile, the I-Phone will be launched on the 7 September 2016 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. According to the sources, the two phones named as I Phone 7 and I Phone 7 plus will be launched at the event.

This even gets started at 10.00 PDT in San Francisco and Indian fans can watch the same event in Indian at 10.30 pm IST. Well, if you an Apple then, you have to wake up late night to witness new instalment of I Phone.

The Apple officials have also provided a link for their customers to watch the live event online. The viewers can watch the live event at the official website of Apple. The user of Apple with can watch the event on Safari browser if your device is running iOS 7.0.

The non-user of the Apple devices can watch the I-phone 7 launch event through Window 10.


1. The Apple will most probably launch the new I-phone with the storage of 32,128, and 256GB . There is a higher possibility that Apple might omit the 16 GB and 64 GB phones.

2. The fans can get the new I-phone in black colour. According to sources, Apple will look to launch new phones in the new colour and one of the colours will be black.

3. The home button in new I -phones will be upgraded. It is believed that Apple will add few new function to the home button most probably the 3D touch function.

4. A better camera is the expected with upcoming the I- Phone 7. There will be the different quality of the camera in I-Phone 7 or I-Phone 7 plus. It is believed that photography will reach to the another level with DSLR type of photography from these upcoming I-Phones.

5. The I-Phone will come in the two sizes, one with the 4.7-inch screens and I-phone plus model will be launched with 5.5-inch screens. Also, there will be a metallic Apple logo on the back.

6. There is a lot of talks that Apple will remove headphone jack and will add another speaker for the music lover.

We all have to wait for the tonight when Apple will launch the new I-phone. Meanwhile, Apple will not gonna launch I-phone 7 in India before October, so Indian I-phone lovers have to wait for a couple of months to get the experience of I-phone 7.