Apple iPhone 8 Revolutionary Camera will be a game-changer

Apple iPhone 8 Revolutionary Camera will be a game-changer :- We are the month away from the announcement date. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. Around the Diwali festive season, tech giant Apple will launch the new Apple iPhone 8.

It is speculated that the upcoming handset of Apple is set feature a stainless steel chassis with a glass face and back instead of aluminium housing. A new Touch ID Fingerprint and OLED display that will be embedded into the display itself. Now a new report published by

As per the report published by 9to5Mac that the upcoming iPhone 8 may feature a major upgrade to the front camera or it may 3D camera.

The new components will be able to merge the depth information with the 2D images from the front camera for applications including face recognition, iris recognition and 3D selfies. The combination of front camera and 3D sensor would allow the iPhone to generate a 3D selfie which could be used in augmented reality.

Apple might use algorithms developed by PrimeSense. Apple acquired PrimeSense in the year in 2013. By using the upgraded camera, then there is no use of a large dual-camera iris system. Till now, a very few people is known about the plan of Apple with the new rumoured 3D camera.