Apple is in trouble due to iPhone X animoji feature

Apple is in trouble due to iPhone X animoji feature: -Well, you can say that a little trouble is out for the Apple and the reason is their recently launched new iPhone X’s animoji feature. Yes! As you all know that previous month on the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone Series Company launched a 2 big iPhone 8 and iPhone X in the market with various new features. Also, some of you may know that these new features include animoji feature which allows users to animate the facial expressions of emojis using facial recognition technology.

Now, the reports are coming that this new featuring is creating trouble for the company. Phil Schiller, Apple’s chief marketing officer, touted the animoji feature during the iPhone X launch event on Sept. 12, calling it a “great experience” for communicating with family and friends. Also, they said that in recent days this emoji feature will surely going to get a great response from the audience.

As per the recent sources reports, Emonster chief executive Enrique Bonansea launched an animated texting app in 2014 called Animoji and registered a trademark on the product name, according to the lawsuit. Apple had full knowledge of Emonster’s app because it is available for download on Apple’s App Store, the lawsuit said. Yes! A company is suing Apple for stealing the name of their product and releasing it without any information.

“Apple decided to take the name and pretend to the world that ‘Animoji’ was original to Apple,” Emonster said in the complaint. Also, the Emonster added that it is seeking unspecified money damages and a court order blocking Apple from using the term while the lawsuit is pending.

Well, we think that this is a very serious issue for the company because that can harm the iPhone X marketing and other releasing issues with the app.  Overall, iPhone X is coming out with some awesome features like wireless charging, an infrared camera and hardware for facial recognition and that replaced the fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone.