Apple planning to Launch New 9.7-inch Cheapest iPad in 2018

Apple planning to Launch New 9.7-inch Cheapest iPad in 2018: – All, the Apple phone lovers are going to be happy because this news is for you. As per the reports, the company is working on brand new iPad which is going to be the cheapest mobile phone in this ear. Reports are claiming that Apple is working on an affordable iPad for the users which may look great and come up with good price. As you all know that company recently released iPhone X and iPhone on the market and they both are pretty expensive. Now, the company is looking quite positive and they wanted to reach more people through their iPad.

As per the reports, while the cheapest full-size iPad will set you back at least £339. Yes! You are reading it right this brand new iPad could come at 26,000 Rs. Currently, we aren’t sure that the price is going to be up or down as it is not clear and official. Even, we can’t say that this news is official or not but a new rumor circulating online suggests that Apple may have plans for a new and inexpensive 9.7-inch iPad, set to launch in 2018.

We are expecting that this is going to be excited because the new iPhone is going to make you all amazed for sure.The information comes courtesy of DigiTimes, a well-known industry news site that regularly reports on Apple’s supply chain. We are not sure that this news is correct or not because it isn’t official yet but something like that is coming out.

According to the sources, Apple is “considered a new, inexpensive 9.7-inch iPad priced at around US$259 for 2018”. Given Apple’s pricing track record, we’d expect such a device to launch at around £259 in the UK too. We are not sure about this until now but we are expecting cheap price iPad for sure.