Apple Started Building iPhone 6s in India to lower cost

Apple Started Building iPhone 6s in India to lower cost: As you all may know that Indian government has increased the customs duty on various mobile parts, so these Mobile companies could work in India or use Indian plans to manufacture the hardware in India. Now, the sources are claiming that Apple last year started the production of the iPhone SE in India and now they started working on it. Also, by that step, they made it the first ‘Made-in-India’ smartphone and now the company is all set to add another iPhone to the list.

Some sources are saying that Apple has started the commercial production of the iPhone 6s in India since last week at the Bengaluru facility of Wistron. You all may know it already that Wistron is a Taiwanese contract manufacturer like the popular phone maker Foxconn in China and has set up a couple of dedicated assembly lines for iPhone 6s. Now, the production work is started there and will come out soon.

You all should know that Apple will be able to gain some lost ground with the launch of the locally made phones in the 6 series iPhones segment. Even though they haven’t started at full swing, which means that Apple is still importing a considerable amount of iPhone 6s units from its international manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing the iPhone 6s in India will help Apple save significantly on import duties.

You all may know the Indian government is trying to make “Make in India” campaign serious with it. Apple recently increased prices of its iPhones due to a hike in customs duty. The government increased the duty from 10 percent to 15 percent in December last year and then to 20 percent in February. I am sure that this will make some good profit for India in upcoming days.