Apple to come with 5.8-inch iPhone in 2017

Apple to come with 5.8-inch iPhone in 2017 :- It becomes now common that we keep getting numbers of rumors regarding the new updates in the brand new I Phone 8 which is scheduled to launch in 2017. The latest news is coming out that the Apple has decided to a massive 5.8-inch display.A well known daily mail has revealed that Apple has decided to launch the new I-Phone in 2017 with the 4.7-, 5.5- and 5.8-inch new iPhone models in second-half 2017.”

They also claimed that ” Apple will use TFT-LCD panels for 4.7-, 5.5 inch I Phones and will use the AMOLED for the 5.8-inch one. Also, it is estimated that the Global shipments of the AMOLED iPhone in 2017 are estimated at 60-70 million units.”

The South Korean company, Samsung will manufacture the OLED panel for the iPhone ad they will manufacture around 0 million panels a month.

Meanwhile, Apple’s decision to come with such massive smartphone looks like a surprise as in past they have mocked the manufacturing of the big screen phones. However, it looks like the company has finally decided to launch the big screen smartphones after their rivals Samsung, Google and LG launched the smartphones with the screen size over 5.8 inches.

Apart from this change, the company can also launch a 5-inch model featuring a vertical dual-camera system, as compared to the horizontal one that is available on the iPhone 7 Plus.

The Apple I Phone 8 and I Phone 8 Plus is scheduled to launch in September of 2017 and with a company has the policy of deciding the design six months before the launch, one can except a lot of changes in the upcoming I Phones especially the design of smartphones is believed to be unique.