Apple To Launch 3 iPhones with the latest technology in 2017

Apple To Launch 3 iPhones with the latest technology in 2017 :- With starting the new year 2017, all the lovers of Apple iPhone will be going to shocked because in the new year, Apple will be going to unveil its 3 new iPhone. The Apple will release  new iPhone include – D20, D21, and D22.

The new and latest versions D20 is likely to be the iPhone 7 and the D21 is likely to be the iPhone 7 Plus series. And the last as per the rumours – D22 is a high-end glass design model which supports OLED display.

The D22 model comes with the borderless OLED with a Home button. The other features of this model are wireless charging. The high-end revolutionary iPhone called D22 goes by a respectable code name called – Ferrari.

Internal Designs of Ferrari – As per the sources that the new iPhone will also two internal logic boards. The two internal logic board spread across halves and connected with a ribbon cable. One Board will house the A11 Chipset & the NAND flash storage. The second internal logic board features the cellular components and Wi-Fi for communications package.
The SIM slot of the latest iPhone is shifted by the Apple company to the bottom side of the handset. In this way, the company can make more space for the other internal components. This cool idea was taken from the Apple iPad Pro and implemented in this new iPhone series which is going to releases in the year 2017.
According to the rumours, there is a high possibility that this will take place in the new year 2017. All the lovers of Apple have to wait for the launch as the New Year 2017 is near.