Apple XS and XR: “Beautygate” problem will be iOS 12.1 updated

Apple XS and XR: “Beautygate” problem will be iOS 12.1 updated: As you all may know that the Apple XS and Apple XR are launched and they have one very weird option where the camera beautifies selfies without the user’s permission. You all may aware of this weird option where you weren’t allowed to disable the beauty option and now the company has rolled the update to disable it. You all should know that Apple has acknowledged the problem and they promised the update of this scenario.


  • The developments were revealed by Apple to The Verge
  • iOS 12.1 will fix the Smart HDR feature introduced with latest iPhones
  • It will fix skin smoothening issues

If you are using the Apple XS & XR and are frustrated because of the beauty filter on the selfie camera then you all should be happy because the new update is out. You all may know that the iPhone XS would smoothen one’s skin and make it lighter. You all should know that the Beautification is common now on almost every smartphone for both the selfie and rear camera, but it’s up to you that you want to use that feature or not, but on Apple XS & XR you don’t have the hiding option.

You all should know that the photo was shared on Reddit shows the comparison between the iPhone X and iPhone XS camera.  You all can see the difference in the photos where some marks on the face are removed and the skin looks smoother. Overall, Apple will be rolling out a fix for this ‘beautygate’ problem in iOS 12.1 update.

Reports are coming that Apple said the problem lies in the ‘Smart HDR’ camera system on the front camera. Also, they have confirmed that the Smart HDR on the 7-megapixel front camera offers “more highlight and shadow detail” to photos will be updated for sure. You all should know that the Smart HDR was flawed with choosing frames with longer shutter speed and the absence of OIS resulted in the selfies appearing smoother. You all should know that iOS 12.1 is in beta version and it will be public soon with all updates.