Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus May Come Up With 3GB RAM Specification Features Images

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus May Come Up With 3GB RAM Specification Features Images :- As the release date of 2016 IPhone coming closer we all are having fair idea of what one can expect from this latest premium flagship, all thanks to rumors surrounding it. But these rumors have no end for example many grapevines suggest that this latest premium flagship is not going to have the number “7” in its name, few says that there is going to be a “new color” this time and the list goes on. There are no definite answers to these rumors.


Apple has never tries to be gaudy in the department of hardware and this is the reason we will find least information about the hardware of the latest product. Apple doesn’t believe in launching the handsets with great RAM or higher end processor which sounds brilliant on paper but fails to attract the audience which we have seen with the apple’s Competitors. Instead apple brings such products that sounds to boast normal processor one paper but when use practically deliver either equal or better than its competitors.

Recently which is a Chinese website has released the specs list of the latest IPhone and it claims that the specs list is the basic benchmark test. When seen closely one can see that the leak is from a computer’s monitor and it has been taken from the GeekBench Test. The test date is around 28th June so we have no surety on its legitimacy.

If the leak is to be trusted then we are going to have dual core processor clocked at the clock frequency of 2.37GHz. The chipset used is better in terms of performance than what we have seen in Apple’s ipad Pro i.e 2.26 GHz Apple A9X SoC. It also suggest that Apple will be using whopping 3GB of RAM this time but it doesn’t make sense as apple took quite some time to leave 1GB handset and to move ahead with 2GB RAM in iPhone 6S. Though we have heard many claims that affirm the news but it sounds quite vague and out of character of apple.

In this leaked picture Geekbench has just focused on the performance of the handset and hence we couldn’t get the idea about the camera of this latest iPhone. We have doubts on the validity of this picture as when the search was done on GeekBench we couldn’t find such picture. So nothing concrete can be concluded from this latest picture which has surfaced up.