Apple’s iPhone 7 Prediction: what to expect, Release Date, Price, Specification, Images

Apple’s iPhone 7 Prediction: what to expect, Release Date, Price, Specification, Images :- WOW!!!! After an endless wait, we precisely identify the release date for the Apple iPhone 7, reasonably the most expected smartphone of the year 2016. wherever it is universally waited to reveal the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple’s iPhone 7 prediction what to expect

While, Everyone asks, when is Apple Starting the iPhone 7? that the iPhone 7 will be launched in the week of September 12 and to a particular on September 16 launch date for the United State, which indicates that is the date it will shift possible in the store. Apple iPhone 7 Prices leaked before launch date, Specification Images

Following on, it was announced that the pre-orders will begin on September 9, both of that are in range with the September 7 unveiling.

It’s a brand-new iPhone with a new figure. That usually comes beside a different design, although this year it looks more like Apple is going to squeeze its alive formula, changing things here and there and possibly setting the organization for some significant changes. Apple iPhone 7 Release Date Price Specification Features Leaked Images Pics

Here’s the deal :

No headphone jack in iPhone 7 : This clearly is not a unique feature. In case, it’s the very inverse of a unique feature. However, it’s setting out to be The huge fantasy of the iPhone 7. Apple is assumed to remove the headphone jack .

An innovative design: The iPhone 7 is assumed to look moderately much and The important difference is that it’s supposed to have a cleaner look, with some of those ugly aerial lines disappearing off the back.

Potentially new Pods : Without an earphone jack, Apple will most likely need to offer another approach to listening to music. Gossipy tidbits have been truly scrappy on this front, so bring this all with a grain of salt, yet they indicate two potential issues, the Apple will make new EarPods that end in a Lightning connector rather than an earphone jack, or that Apple will make remote earbuds, evidently called AirPods.

Different camera: While, It’s not for selfies and Apple is supposed to add a second camera onto the reverse of the iPhone, which it could use to provide higher class images.