Apple’s New iOS 11.3 Update, Release Date & New Features

Apple’s New iOS 11.3 Update, Release Date & New Features: Well, if you are an iPhone user or iOS user then you should know that the new update is out and it is making everyone crazy. As per the reports, there are a lot of iOS 11 features that upgrade your existing iPhone and iPad, and Apple has just issued the new iOS 11.3 update to change things up even more. Now, we are here going to talk about this new update and some other features which are coming up with it for the iOS users.

Apple's New iOS 11.3 Update, Release Date & New Features

Apple’s New iOS 11.3 Revamps Battery Features, Disables “Processor Throttling” & More

The fact is, if you are an old iOS user and using old iPhone or iPad then still you can manage to get this update which is good. Even the latest version of Apple’s software fixes irritating iOS 11 problems and adds a battery health function to track and even halt performance throttling. Now, so many people are asking the same question that they should wait for the iOS or they should move on towards the iOS 12.

Well, iOS 11.3 will provide you new Animoji masks, just in case you think their 15 minutes of Karaoke Animoji fame isn’t over yet. There are four new Animoji masks for the iPhone X coming with 11.3: lion, dragon, skull, and bear. Sadly, you still can’t use Animoji outside of the iMessages app yet. You all are going to love this update and you all are going to love it. Apple is even more bullish on AR, so it’s bringing ARKit 1.5 to the masses with the ability to more accurately map virtual objects to new surfaces, including irregularly shaped walls.

Also, the new batter health menu will also come up with the iOS 11.3 settings menu. Apple is labeling it a beta, but it can already tell your maximum battery capacity, indicating how much it has degraded. Also, the older phones will also find the ability switch off performance throttling in the battery menu if they favor normal phone speed over battery longevity. This update is good if you are tired of the low battery life and software bugs.