Apple’s new variant iPhone 7 pre-orders start from 9th September

Apple’s new variant iPhone 7 pre-orders start from 9th September :- Yet again some exciting news has been surfaced up regarding the much awaited iPhone from the well-known leakster Evan Blast. Evan Blast has apparently reported the pre-order date of this much-anticipated flagship.


He said that the pre-order for iPhone 7 will start from 9th September. Apple start taking the pre-orders usually 2-3 days after the launch hence we can expect the company to set the launch date around 5th or 6th September.

Is this going to be iPhone 7?

Faddish company is in perplexed situation, they don’t want to name their flagship phone as iPhone 7. So the chances are quite high that company will be launching this latest phone as the extension of iPhone 6 lineup. If you are thinking that it is going to be iPhone 7 then indeed you are mistaken.

Rumors suggest that this latest flagship by apple is going to bear the design similar to what we have seen in iPhone 6 and there are going to be antenna lines which will be running from the back to top and on the bottom sides of the device. There are grapevines suggesting that apple has eliminated the 3.5mm jack which means your headphone might be useless if you are going for this new variant.

Third Variants in Apple iPhone 7 Will launch in 2016 Specification

Instead of 3.5mm ear jack Company is planning to include a speaker grill and if you want to connect some external device to your handset then it will be only possible with the help of the lightening system.

Rumors Apple iPhone 7 Plus Release Date, Specifications, New Features Price

The plus variant of this new iPhone flagship is expected to have dual camera set up while this time the camera set up is going to be larger in size in comparison to the previous handsets offered by the handset. Camera will be placed on the top left position.

Bezel-less approach for iPhone7?

Rumors are also there that the company might retread the design of the smart phone. This time they might be including a single screen approach which means that everything which you see on the front of the handset will be incorporated in the screen itself. There is going to be no hardware home button and no bezels as well.

Company might be doing this because they want to save the name iPhone 7 for their next venture which they are planning to launch next year.

With the launching date coming close we will get the detailed information gradually. One just have to wait for the September month to see what apple has in its store to offer for us.