Aradhya Can’t Marry With Aryan! Krishnadasi 28th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Aradhya Can’t Marry With Aryan! Krishnadasi 28th April 2016 Episode Written Update :- In the last night episode of the daily soap “Krishnadasi” we saw that Kumudini showed the video to the people of village and asked Aryan that it was an accident or he did it willingly. Aryan was telling the whole story but Kumudini interrupted him and was busy continuelsy irritating him and Kumudini was busy calling Aradhya “Krishnadaasi”.

Now Aryan on anger confessed finally in the confess that he put blood on the Maang of the Aradhya intentianlly as he is in love with Aradhya and he wants to marry Aradhya. And he admitted everything in the front of the Abba and the villagers.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Update

After that when Kumudini asked him that is will he marry Aradhya, Aryan replied that yes I will marry Aradhya will full custom and tradition. Aradhya was shocked to see this. Aaba Sahed asked Aryan to deny when they were at home Aryan denied to follow him. He said you gave me wrong education. When I want to marry Aradhya, you are trying to stop my wish why.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Update

I will marry Aradhya as I love her. Abba and Pavitra are shocked of the Aryan’s decision and they are in no mood to allow the same. On the Aradhya think that Aryan is yet to marry her as he compels to do so by sacrificing her happiness and love for the Purva.

In today’s episode of the TV series “Krishnadasi” we will see that Kumudini will come Sahed and will do a drama in front of media. She will say that Aaba Sahed have accepted this relation and also she keep taunting Abba by saying he is such a large hearted person who accepted a “Krishnadaasi’s” daughter as the house to be Bahu.

In the mean time, when Aradhya will be asking to the Aryan that why he give his nod to marry Aradhya when he is in love with Purva and his marriage also is fixed with Purva. Aradhya said he doesn’t need to show sympathy to her by marrying her.

With this statement Aryan said to Aradhya that he is gives his nod to marry Aradhya not because he is in mood to show sympathy on her, he did so as he is in love with Aradhya. Aradhya is shocked to hear so and looked on after having an eye lock with Aryan.

Now Aryan was also lost in the Aradhya’s eye and try to hugs her but Aradhya did not allowed him to do so. Stay tuned for the more updates of the TV series “Krishnadaasi”.