Aradhya gets shouting! Krishnadasi 3rd June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aradhya gets shouting! Krishnadasi 3rd June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Krishnadasi begins with Aradhya saw that Abba is doing exercise and Aradhya thoughts that Abba do exercise which indicates that he must be fit and fine then how he can get heart attack. His body must be fit and she was being sceptical about Abba and she witness that Abba is feeling dizzy and now Aradhya rushes towards her.

Krishnadasi Episode WrittenUpdates

Krishnadasi Episode WrittenUpdates

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Aradhya thinks that may be this is also Abba’s drama and she shocked to see that Abba’s health is getting worst now. So now Aradhya enters with the medicine towards Abba and offer him the same but Purva throw the medicine by saying that this is wrong medicine.

Pavitra and Aryan also arrives there and said that Aradhya is such a wrong person who is even not worry for Abba and Pavitra now scolded Aradhya. Sashwat come there and said that let her speak. She needs to explain herself at least once.

Sashwat try to explain to the Rao family but all goes in vain and they humiliated Aradhya badly and blame her for everything. Now tears arrive in the Aradhya’s eyes and Aradhya leaved and closes herself in a room.

Purva discuss this with Aryan that it was Aradhya’s plan to kill Abba as Abba always scolded her and Abba like me to be your wife rather than Aradhya. She also said that it was her attempt to take her revenge. Aryan is shocked and agrees with Purva. Purva also said that Aradhya needs to go out from the Rao house unless Abba’s life will be on risk.

Now Pavitra discuss with Abba that your plan is superb and it is enough to drive Aradhya out from the Rao house and also Pavitra makes fun of it that how they blame Aradhya that she wants to kill Abba. Now when everybody is keep blaming that Aradhya wants to kill Abba and she tries to do so.

Now the Rao family call Chima Ji who will be decides Aradhya’s fate whether to punish her or to forgive her to see that Pavitra is very sure that now Chima Ji will be throwing Aradhya out from the Rao house.

Precap: Its night, Aradhya is sleeping on bed while Aryan is sleep on sofa cum bed. Aradhya feels somebody attack her on her sleep and when she screams Aryan went near to her and Aradhya hugs her.