Aradhya In Store Room! Krishnadasi 23th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aradhya In Store Room! Krishnadasi 23th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series ‘Krishnadaasi’ begins with when Aryan agrees to marry Aradhya but he decides to seek revenge from her for insulting his family. Aradhya thinks the same about him. They marry but still they hate each other. So now they decided to insult each other till end of their marriage. Now they complete all marriage rituals’ and the priest says to them that nobody is happy with your wedding.

Krishnadasi Episode Written Updates

Aryan marries to Aradhya with full rituals. But Kumudini again puts condition to register their marriage so that he can’t deny it later. They signed the papers and Kumudini arranges sweets and congratulate everyone and warns to take care of her grand-daughter.

Krishnadasi 23th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Deshmukh asks Pradyuman what is this happening you promised my daughter marriage to your son then what this is going on. Now Pavitra says still she is not in favour of this marriage and she will handle it later, as she is in no mood to accept Aradhya who is a Krishnadaasi as her daughter in law.

Now Tulsi tells Aradhya her mistake but she isn’t trying to understand other than this she tells her that she will take her revenge of Aryan’s lies and frauds.now after marriage, Aryan makes a grand appearance and he asked the Rao family to prepare for the Griha Pravesh.

The Rao family keep the Kalash there in the house for the matter of the marriage ceremony Puja. Now Purva unexpectedly asked Aradhya to kicks the Kalash and to perform all the other rituals. But Aryan tells her that no one will ever accept her as the wife of Aryan Rao and will give her respect what she deserves. But Ardhya denies accepting this.

Aradhya also challenges her in laws that she will be having her respect back, and she also challenges Aryan for the same.

Precap: Everybody scolded Aradhya and says that they have never expected that she can do this to get into Aryan’s life. Now Aryan makes Aradhya jealous and he asked Purva to wear the traditional ring of their family. Kumudini says to lord that she has no grudge against Aradhya but have to do this to take revenge from Pradyuman’s family.