Aradhya is shocked! Krishnadasi 25th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The last episode of the TV series “Krishnadaasi” started with Shashwat burns brush and says to Pavitra that this is your sample, Aryan comes there and asks how did fire light here? He pours water to stop it, but nobody reply him. Pavitra says this happened because of Shashwat, he doesnt want people to know that Aradhya is his daughter; I know that the DNA test will be proved that Aradhya is Shaswat’s daughter as Shaswat had an illegal relationship with the Aradhya’s mother Tulsi. Shaswat on anger raised his voice against Pavitra and said stop doubting on me.

Aradhya is shocked! Krishnadasi 25th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Aryan tries to make Sashwat calm down and said if Maa want to have DNA test, let her do. Why you should be scared or angry on it as it is a false news and Maa’s doubt, so let it clears. But Sashwat said no this will be insult for me as I am not able to bear this insult as I did not done any wrong thing in my life. Now Aradhya insulted Chima Ji by saying that my mother said that you are my father and I know that the result will be come positive and I want the result to come positive to prove my mom right as she is right.

But still after the result will come positive, I won’t call you father as nobody want to have father like you. Abba asked Aradhya to be mute unless she will be having lifelong punishment with Tulsi. Aradhya said I am going to say truth. Now Chima Ji said enough and he was about to slap Aradhya but in the mean time, Aryan come and holds Chima Ji’s hands.

Abba said to Aryan that why you are supporting a Krishnadaasi by going against our Manth, Chima Ji. Aryan said that this time, Aradhya is right and I will keep supporting her. Aradhya also asked to the Chima Ji, never ever dare to raise hands on me in future as only my mother have right to slap me and you are having no right to do the same.

In the mean time, Aryan asked to Abba that please stops doing this as you are doing this to seek revenge and it is not always right to seek revenge. Abba says no I will insult this Krishnadaasi family, as I hate them from core of my heart.

Now Kumudini is keep saying that Aryan is having a relationship with Aradhya and Abba is saying no she is lying. Kumudini said I will reveal that what kind of relationship Aryan shares with Aradhya now, everyone is shocked now including Aradhya.