Aradhya is Shocked! Krishnadasi 27th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Aradhya is Shocked! Krishnadasi 27th April 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series “Krishnadaasi” begins with Kumudini says to villager and show them the proof that Aryan put blood on the Maang of Aradhya. The it has been also reveal that the blood which the Aryan was having in his hands put in the Maang of the Aradhya as he sided Aradhya with his cuts hands to save her from the goons.

Krishnadasi 27th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Krishnadasi 27th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The people of the village also said that now Aradhya is married to the Aryan as Aryan fills her Maang with his blood. Abba is saying that this is Aryan did by mistake but there is no truth about it. Kumudini said as per fate you can beat Aradhya with stone but if something good written on her fate, you are in no mood to believe so.

Now Kumudidni said when Aradhya and Aryan already got married in the temple, now they need to marry in real as already right now they are in the marital relationship. Tulsi is worrying see so. Kumudini starts doing now her emotional drama that must be she is a KrishnaDaasi’s Naatin, but she is having right to live her life with the fullest.

Abba is seen angry seeing so and keep saying that he is in no mood to believe that Aryan is married to Aradhya. But when Kumudini was busy doing her emotional drama and Aradhya was breakdown in the tears, Aryan said that he is ready to marry Aradhya and he will marry Aradhya.

Aradhya is shocked to hear so and try to prevent Aryan but Aryan was in no mood to listen anything, he said he will not change his decision. Abba and Pavitra are shocked to hear so. Kumudini smiles and gives her nod to the Aradhya and Aryan relationship. After lot of drama and all that, it is Aradhya is also had been seen ready for the wedding.

PRECAP: Kumudini says to media that Aaba had given his nod for the Aradhya and Aryan’s relationship. Kumudini also taunts Abba by saying he is a good person. Now Aradhya said to Aryan that I can’t marry you, Aryan said, why. You should marry me Aradhya, I love you. Aradhya had an eye contact with Aryan and Aryan looked on.